COVID-19 Update, June 12, 2020

We have not had any new positive results for residents or staff since our last update.

As of this morning, 15 residents remain positive for COVID-19. Our Medical Director has collaborated with Leewood’s three attending physicians and made the decision to transition to the Centers for Disease Control’s Symptom-Based Strategy to determine when a resident is deemed recovered and no longer requires COVID isolation. When a resident reaches the 14-day mark from their initial positive test, and has been symptom free for a minimum of 72 hours, they will be deemed recovered. Two negative tests greater than 24 hours apart is not required for the symptom-based strategy.

With 34 recovered residents as of June 10, and more expected soon, we have been able to downsize to one COVID-designated area on the Cardinal Unit. The logistics of resident room moves can be concerning to families, and we are committed to making your loved one as comfortable as possible during this transition. Additional room moves are expected to take place as the number of recovered residents increases.

Our team is here to ensure the best possible quality of life for those we serve while keeping you informed. We also know how important it is to remain connected with each other and to express love. Feel free to contact us, by phone or email, to schedule video chats, window visits, or phone calls with loved ones.

To receive important updates, please make sure we have your current contact information. We also strongly advise you to sign up for our email communications, and to follow us on Facebook. If you want to hear up-to-date information, call our COVID-19 Information Hotline at (844) 413-2737. If you have further questions, please call us on our main line at (703) 256-9770.